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Kelly L Series Guitars

Check out these one of a kind guitars crafted by master luthier Rick Kelly and hand painted by Lynne Leighting.


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Leighting & Shields
First Sunday Blues

At the Greenwich Village Bistro

7:30pm till ...


Sun.  Mar 1st

Sun.  Apr 5th

Sun. Sept 6th - Cancelled for Sept

Sun. Oct 4th     Full Moon, Should be crazy!!

**Check dates on Leighting and Shields Myspace

as these dates are kept more up to date

Dates are subject to date/time change, cancellation**

Leighting and Shields Band

Lynne Leighting - Slide Guitar/Guitar/Vocals

Mark Shields - Guitar/Vocals

Felix Cabrera - Harp/Vocals

Brian Hess- Stand Up Bass

George Morales - Drums

Past band members and friends

Jeff Philips - Stand Up Bassist and Stand Up Guy

Greenwich Village Bistro
13 Carmine Street NYC

Indoor/outdoor seating, great bar with food

in the heart of the village.


Click on the speakers below to hear clips from our
LIVE performances.

M. Shields / Lead Guitar

"I Can't Be Satisfied"
L. Leighting / Vocals/Slide

"Teeny Little Bit"
M. Shields / Vocals
L. Leighting / Lead Guitar

"Too Many Drivers"
M. Shields / Lead Guitar

"If You Be My Baby"
L. Leighting / Slide Guitar

"Something Inside of Me"
M. Shields - Vocals / Lead Guitar

"Just Your Fool"
Mark / Lynne - Vocals


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Leighting & Shields perform both traditional and contemporary Blues/Country/Roots Rock


Mark is the featured guitarist in Bobby Day's
Daylight Blues Band and will be appearing at

The Garage
99 7th Ave. South NYC

Stop by Mark's Myspace to double check all dates

Subject to change/cancellation


Sat.  June 20th                    10:30p.m. - 2:30a.m.

Sat.  July 18th                      10:45p.m. - 2:45a.m.

Cancelled Sat.  Aug 22nd   10:45p.m. - 2:45a.m.

Cancelled Sat.  Sept 19th   10:45p.m. - 2:45a.m.

Battery Gardens

Inside Battery Park (Opposite 17 State Street)

Every Monday (weather permitting - CALL FIRST!)

212-809-5508  www.batterygardens.com

Blue Mondays w Daylight Blues Band Summer 2009

Always Check Dates on Leighting and Shields MySpace



Starting Mon. June 1st  2009  6p.m. - 10p.m.

Daylight Blues Band

Bobby Day - Bass/Vocals (French Cookin' Blues Band),

Mark Shields - Guitar/Vocals

David Bennett Cohen - Piano/Vocals

(Country Joe and the Fish),

Glen Bob Allen - Drums/ Vocals (French Cookin' Blues Band,The Rock Club)

Lynne Leighting has been known to sit in
on both guitar and bass at these gigs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Live and Unrehearsed

Most of the Blues clubs in NYC have closed one by one due to sharp increases in their rents and other expenses.  Now there are less than a handful left and most survive by having other types of music acts.  Mark:  "New York City has definitely seen some casualties with blues venues and we want to do our part in trying to keep this essential form of music alive".

Living in NYC makes just about everything hard and expensive and being a musician and just getting from home to a gig is an amazing process.  Hauling your amps and guitars down into a crowded subway or waiting on a street corner for a half hour in the rain for a taxi and then sometimes paying a good portion of what you were gonna make that night for the ride adds a unique burden that most people living in other places couldn't even imagine.  So we really wanted to play somewhere close that we could leisurely stroll our equipment to - a laid back place, just to really enjoy playing blues and having friends stop by on a lazy Sunday and sit in.

Most New Yorkers live in rented apartments with neighbors that would never allow loud music or they don't have a room large enough to fit a drum kit (and who would want to carry it up six flights of stairs anyway), so it's a known fact that most of the blues bands in NYC do not rehearse.  (And did I mention that rehearsal studios cost at least $30/hour and you still have to get yourself there with your guitar?)  If you see a band in NYC that actually rehearses, they are either from the burbs, or they have tons of money to burn.



Leighting & Shields

First Sunday Blues First Year Anniversary at the Greenwich Village Bistro!

July 2007 makes one full year that Leighting and Shields have been playing their First Sunday Blues show at the Greenwich Village Bistro.  Lynne: "So we had this idea to play blues somewhere close in our neighborhood like once a month, try to keep the gig going, and have a good time."

What began with Lynne Leighting and Mark Shields playing their guitars as an electric duo slowly evolved into a full-fledged band.  First Felix Cabrera, a formidable frontman in his own rite sat in playing harp and adding vocals.  Then Jeff Philips showed up with his upright bass, and a month later George Morales who had played shows with L&S before at other venues brought his drum kit and various noise toys.  Leighting and Shields has one of the tightest and most authentic blues rhythm sections of any band around!  "George Morales is the best shuffle in New York", says blues guitarist Jon Paris.  "And adding to this powerful mix was the equally radiant and explosive harp prowess of Felix Cabrera, so how could we go wrong?"  -  Mark Shields



It's All About The Music

With material ranging from the orginal Peter Green Fleetwood Mac archive to Muddy Waters to Paul Butterfield to Memphis Minnie, and various other influences including Elmore James, there's a timeless sound the band has pulled together to make something truly unique.  Listening back to recent recordings, it's hard to believe they were made in 2007, sounds like they were made live back in the 60's with elements from the 50's and 70's thrown in for good measure.  In addition to doing older material the band also includes original tunes by Lynne Leighting.  GVB would also turn out to be a good place to get down new material and try new things.

When you have a monthly gig you never know what other events are going to be scheduled on the night you're playing.  So we want to thank all of our friends and fans for coming to our shows through ice, rain, and lots of otherwise lousy weather, April Fool's pranks, NYC full moon craziness, the Superbowl, and the NY Marathon (thanks to the people who came to our show to celebrate finishing the marathon!).  Special thanks go out to Jack O'Hara, Vince Allen, Nick James, Bobby Day, Dan Berliner, Jerry Agony, Sean Daly, Dennis Moriarty, T.J. Hogarty, Zee Dunbar, and any other players we might have missed who sat in with Leighting and Shields at the GVB this past year!


"All the news fit to misprint"
"Feeling the pulse since 1898"
(Disassociated Press)

Kelly L Series 3 Sells - Jan 2009

The Kelly L3 or L Series 3 was sold this month.  We wish the owner many years of happy playing with his new Kelly L3.  This guitar was dubbed "The Cowboy" guitar due to the incorporation of Rope and Barbwire amongst the other many paisley patterns.  Pictures of the L3 can be found at www.myspace.com/KellyLSeriesGuitars   There have been many inquiries into when and where people can get this special series of guitars.  There is currently one Mahogany Kelly Strat Body the "L5" adorned with Lynne's artwork.  This Kelly Strat is a darker wood so there's a different contrast with the artwork on this particular guitar.  Pictures of the L5 will be added to the Kelly L MySpace page soon.   All this guitar needs is a custom Kelly neck... so swing by the store and check it out!

Also, Lynne's busy on another of Rick Kelly's Custom Bodys... this time a Kelly Eaglecaster!!  The L6 is a work in progress and if interested in this particular guitar... or any other.. please contact us.

Brian Hess Joins the Leighting and Shields Band

Oct 31st 2008 Leighting and Shields are happy to announce the addition of Bassist, Brian Hess to the L&S lineup.  It wasn't easy to fill the space left by our good friend and bassist extraordinaire, Jeff Philips... but Brian Hess just through happenstance was available and interested and has already become an integral part of the L&S rhythm section.  L&S are lucky to have such great talent in our band, both past and present... and to have friends in these people on top of that.  We welcome Brian to our band.

Mark Gets Kelly L Series 4 (L4) Guitar!!!! 

June 4th 2008 Mark finally gets his much anticipated Kelly L Series 4 Guitar nicknamed L4 and Lynne.  The guitar looks and sounds amazing!!!  Mark would like to thank master luthier, Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars www.carminestreetguitars.com for building and crafting such a fine guitar as well as thanks to girlfriend, Lynne Leighting for the consummate artwork!!!  Swing on by to check out some pics of the Kelly L Series 4 at www.myspace.com/KellyLSeriesGuitars and www.myspace.com/MarkShieldsBlues


Debut of the Kelly L Series Guitar

June 3rd 2007 saw the debut of Lynne's new custom Kelly L Series Strat.  This is a very special guitar and first of a series crafted by master luthier Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars (www.carminestreetguitars.com) with the phasmagoric artwork of Lynne Leighting on both the front and back of the guitar.

April Fools! No, Really!

We want to thank all the cool fools that came out on this rainy April 1st Sunday.  Somehow we were able to make it through a window dryly; going to, and coming back from the gig without getting rained on, so maybe some bigger fool was looking out for us.  And Lynne managed to have a whole table of new women fans hooting and hollering!

Birthday wishes can come true!

We want to thank everyone who came to celebrate and make Mark's birthday so memorable!!  The Bistro was a-jumpin, staff, patrons, friends, and band members were all in good spirits, and 'cake was had by all'!  It may be our favorite night yet musically from the Bistro.  Some of it sounds like it leapt out of an analog sutdio from the 60's, good thing we recorded it on Mini Disc!

Felix Cabrera and Jeff Philips join the FSB Team

Our first gig of the New Year 2007 turned out to be on a very chilly and rainy night, but the house was a-rockin'!!  We are honored and proud to welcome Felix Cabrera and Jeff Philips as official members of the First Sunday Blues crew and we're very happy to have them!

Lynne Leighting to be on British Television

Lynne Leighting was recently interviewed for a music special to be aired on British Television ITV4 sometime in December 2006. Some of the other people appearing in this special are David Dalton, Richard Hell, Wayne Kramer, Leee Childers, and Danny Fields.
FreeatLastTV.co.uk Hopefully at some later date it will be on cable here in the states.

All Politics Aside...

We were all very surprised when Battery Gardens chose to have the Daylight Blues Band play on 9/11, as so many ceremonies and services were taking place just a few blocks away.  We noticed Secret Service type-guys visually checking us out when we got there, and then Governor Pataki arrived to have dinner with other state officials.  He said "Hello" to the band on his way out and told everyone "You guys did a great job!"

The Sky is Crying - Lynne Does Daylight Gig

What started as a rainy day, cleared up enough for Battery Gardens to give the green light for the outdoor gig.  Mark and Lynne were trading guitar licks, and then ominous dark clouds appeared heading in their direction.  Drummer Glen Bob Allen must have a 6th sense about these things because he stopped the show with just the right amount of time to pack up all the gear before the torrential downpour.  With the rest of the band off on their home via car, Leighting and Shields carefully weighed their options and decided to make a run for the South Ferry Train Station.  As it turned out they were very fortunate that their amps and guitars fit into the car.  Lynne kept watch for dog-paddling rats, and Mark moved floating garbage aside as they trudged through thigh-high water.  They got a good laugh out of the experience and decided they were ready to try out for the next Indiana Jones film.

Daylight Heats Up the Waterfront
We also want to thank all of our friends that showed up for the Daylight Blues Band show at Battery Gardens. It was close to 100 degrees that day and the band filled up the place and kept them rocking till 10. Mark had a "fanclub" hanging on every note and Bobby had Lynne up twice to play bass.


Lynne Takes Her Debut Bass Solo at B.B. King's
Doc French had Mark and Lynne sit in with his band, the French Cookin' Blues Band (www.frenchcookin.com) at Lucille's at B.B. King's club in Times Square. Doc got Lynne up to play Slide Guitar with him on a few tunes and then she switched over and played Bobby Day's Bass. To her surprise, Doc signaled, and Lynne got to deliver an impromptu debut bass solo. Lynne got called up again later in the night to play some more slide.



Traveling down two different roads but ultimately destined to cross paths, Lynne Leighting's gritty hair-raising electric slide guitar and Mark Shields' impeccable electric leads cut a clean swath through the din of clanking beer bottles and chattering patrons and deliver the real goods.

Lynne jokingly describes herself as a musical demolitionist. She intuitively takes on passages that are complicated or too clean and beats them up until they are familiar and comfortable. Drawing on her love of blues and roots music, she prefers to come from an emotional point of view creating her own unique style.

Mark is a musical linguist, absorbing and perfecting everything he hears into the language of the blues. His musical statements refine and reinvent the boundaries of blues while paying homage to those who came before him, preserving their origins.

Leighting & Shields' music has an authenticity and integrity rarely found today.

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